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Working on an innovative digital product that improves the life of individuals and communities?

Submit your video pitch (up to 3 min) until April 15, 2017 and compete for a 7K € voucher to develop your MPV.

It's a huge opportunity for those who are excited to bring their new solutions to market, get greater visibility and win awards.

To record your pitch video, just follow the steps below:

Explain the needs of your client, presenting a problem, contextualizing it through a story with concrete information. Describe the top three benefits of your idea for the customer and explain how the problem will be solved. Explain how does your idea contribute to the improvement of people's lives in society? And, present how your idea can be profitable.

  • 1. Problem
  • 2. Solution
  • 3. Social impact
  • 4. Monetization

1STi is a digital technology brazilian consultancy, which just established its Lisbon branch office. We believe that true impact is transformation connected to the society most pressing needs.

Our vision comprehends that entrepreneurship and shared value are the greatest levers for this evolution. Our goal with the competition is to encourage collaboration between the two countries, entrepreneurs institutions like Lispolis and young generations with Go Youth support.

To know us better visit our website: www.1sti.com

ola@1sti.com.br +351 936 546 135